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Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Safeguard your property against the past as well as the future with title insurance. You gain protection against challenges to rightful ownership of real property with Results Title, as each successive owner brings the possibility of title challenges to the property. The following success stories illustrate the value and necessity of Title Insurance.

  • Harvey’s Garage – Property Extends On Adjoining Land

    Harvey was a happy new homeowner who delighted in his hobby, a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harvey never dreamed of leaving his Harley out of the garage and exposed to the elements, but that was exactly the threat he had to face not three months after moving into his new home. In an oversight, a prior owner of the property built the garage two feet onto the neighbor’s land.

    One morning, Harvey’s neighbor Jack woke up to the thunderous sound of the Harley being taken out for a spin – as well as to the realization that the garage was over the property line. The next day, Jack contacted his surveyor.

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    Harvey’s Garage – Property Extends On Adjoining Land

    Harvey was very concerned about protecting his garage, and his Harley, until he found his title policy among his closing documents. Fortunately, the threat of a forced removal of Harvey’s garage was a covered risk.

    Both Harvey and Jack wanted to be good neighbors, but a solution was necessary. Jack contacted his lawyer who drafted a lawsuit seeking to require Harvey to remove his garage from Jack’s land. The title insurer was notified and suggested a mediation of the dispute to spare everyone frustration and expense. Fortunately, the mediator structured a reasonable settlement that required a fair amount of soundproofing material in the garage and a cooperative neighborly respect between both Harvey and Jack. The garage was allowed to stand on its original foundation, soundproofing was added at the title insurer’s expense, and a lot line adjustment was worked out, also at the insurer’s expense. Harvey and Jack could now live next to one another without controversy, thanks to Harvey’s title insurer.

  • Loretta’s New Roof – Mechanics Lien Claim

    Loretta loved her new home. She was especially thankful for the fact that the seller had recently replaced the roof so she could avoid unexpected leaking – a problem she had with her prior home. Much to her dismay, she discovered the seller never paid the roofing contractor. Surprise turned to frustration when the roofing contractor insisted he had a mechanics lien which he could foreclose against Loretta’s new home.

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    Loretta’s New Roof – Mechanics Lien Claim

    Imagine her relief when Loretta learned she could tender the issue to her title insurer to take care of the whole problem. She had a comprehensive ALTA Residential Policy that provided coverage for such liens. Her insurer contacted the roofing contractor and after a few months of negotiation the lien claim was settled and resolved. In the end, Loretta was safe and secure under her new roof and she never had to fret over the contractor’s mechanics lien claim.

  • Betty’s Lot Access – Easement Rejection

    Betty, a real estate broker, purchased an undeveloped lot and a title policy protecting her title to the lot as well as a road easement across adjoining property. The lot was the northernmost of a four-lot subdivision. The original subdivider had attempted to reserve an easement, but the document intended to do so was defective. When the owners of the three southerly lots discovered Betty intended to develop her parcel by dividing it and building homes for sale, they challenged her right to use the easement.

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    Betty’s Lot Access – Easement Rejection

    Betty made a claim under her title policy. It was determined that reformation action to correct the document could be successful. It was also determined that Betty had the right to an easement. After an explanation, two of the owners readily agreed.

    One property holder still contested Betty’s right to an easement. Through a series of conversations, it was made very clear to that holder that the alternative to settlement necessarily would involve litigation or other dispute resolution mechanisms. After additional dialogue, the holder agreed to a settlement in exchange for a clear and unambiguous easement grant deed.

    This claim was resolved in a matter of weeks. Further, Betty was able to be assured that if she wished to sell her property during the time the claim was pending, title insurance would be available to her new buyer while efforts continued to resolve the easement problem.

    Betty stated that, as a real estate broker, she had always considered title insurance to be simply a hurdle to delay a closing. After submitting her own claim with such good results, however, she realized how important title insurance truly is.

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