About CloseSimple

CloseSimple is exactly what the name implies…an easy way to keep our customers “in the loop” as they go through the closing process from Open to Closed. You will know when your file has been received and opened, when and where your closing is taking place, what fees you can expect at closing and a notification once you have closed.

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From Open to Closed

  • File Opened!


    Your file has been received and work is in process to get your file scheduled and clear to close.

  • Closing Scheduled


    A time and location has been set for your closing.  This notification will provide you those specifics and what will be needed from you at or prior to your closing.

  • Title Commitment Complete


    The commitment for title insurance has been completed.  The commitment will reflect who owns the property, current tax and assessment information along with any title matters that will need to be cleared prior to closing.

  • Closing Package Received


    The lender’s closing package has been delivered to the Home Title closing agent.  The closer will input all the final numbers, submit to your lender for approval and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, or fee breakdown, will be forwarded to you and your Sale Executive for review prior to closing.

  • HUD-1 Prepared


    The HUD-1 Settlement Statement has been approved and is attached for your review.

  • Closed!


    Congratulation! Your closing has come to a successful close!

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Use our CloseSimple Timeline to guide you through the title and closing processes