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Results Title is now offering Remote Online Notarization (RON) closing services! Read below for more information on who will be able to use this service and other details about RON closings.


When can we use it?

  • Sellers: In certain scenarios, we can use Remote Online Notarization for Seller Pre-Signs/Seller Side Closings. Please note that we need approval from Buyer Side Closing Company and Buyer’s Lender prior to the seller signing via RON. Your Closing Team will obtain this approval from the necessary parties. If it’s not allowable, we will schedule a pre-sign for the sellers using our standard protocol.
  • Buyers: We are starting to see a few Lenders allow Buyers to sign via RON. If you have a Buyer who is interested in this service, let your Results Title Closer know as soon as possible so they can check in with their Lender. This is not yet common practice for Buyer closings, but your Closing Team is more than happy to try to work with the Lender to see if it is a possibility.

What do you need to know?

  • There is an additional service fee of $100 as the platform charges us per signing.
  • You can have two sellers/buyers sign via RON at the same time in different locations for just the one service charge.
  • This is a quick and efficient way for your clients to sign – we have a team of RON closers in place to make signing as easy as possible for your seller or buyer.

What does your client need?

  • Valid US ID
  • Excellent internet connection – Example: a Skype/Zoom call
  • Tablet, desktop, or laptop computer with these capabilities:
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Microphone

What does this mean for your clients?

  • An easy way to do pre-signs/closings while staying in the comfort of their home or office
  • Flexible scheduling (still during office hours) since travel is not necessary
  • A way to sign clients who are out of the Country without them needing to go to a US Embassy
  • If your seller has already moved or is out of the state, or is on a trip, we can still sign virtually with a Results Title Closer using RON instead of mailing the documents to be signed
  • If your client is sick or in quarantine, we can still sign them without delaying closing
We are so excited to be able to offer this additional service to you and your clients! If you have any questions about setting up a Remote Online Notary Closing, please contact your Results Title Closing Team for more information.