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At Results Title, your security and peace of mind are our top priorities. We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments in the real estate industry to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. Today, we want to bring your attention to an important partnership and address ongoing wire fraud issues affecting the real estate sector.

Results Title’s Partnership with Closinglock: Enhancing Security Measures

In our continuous effort to fortify your protection against cyber threats, Results Title has joined forces with Closinglock, a leading provider of secure transaction management solutions. This collaboration aims to safeguard your funds and sensitive information throughout the entirety of your real estate transaction.

Crucial Guidelines to Safeguard Your Real Estate Transactions:

  1. Exclusive Use of Closinglock: Never accept wiring instructions being sent by Results Title from any other site than Closinglock. We emphasize that wiring funds is never a requirement in a legitimate real estate transaction. Certified funds and cashier’s checks remain acceptable and secure methods for transactions.
  2. Heightened Vigilance: Never trust wiring instructions sent via email, especially if they are last-minute or accompanied by an urgent message. These are common tactics used by fraudsters to create confusion and exploit time-sensitive situations.
  3. Independent Verification: Always independently confirm wiring instructions in person or via a telephone call to a trusted and verified phone number. Do not solely rely on digital communication for such critical information. After initiating any fund transfer, immediately follow up to confirm that the wired money was sent correctly. Prompt action can help rectify any discrepancies and prevent further complications.

At Results Title, we are committed to transparency, security, and overall protection of your real estate transaction. By adhering to these guidelines and utilizing the secure platform provided by Closinglock, you can play an active role in safeguarding your financial transactions.

We appreciate your trust in Results Title, and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide you with the highest standards of service and security.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Thank you for choosing Results Title for your real estate needs.